Source: The Miami Herald

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald this week to promote his new "Rivalries" DVD with Shawn Michaels.

He talked about some stuff not making the cut for the DVD

"There was a lot of stuff that didn't make the cut," Hart said. "I think that maybe it was redundant, but there was more talk about Shawn's role in things and he went into much more detail about his drug problems, which was what the excuse for his behavior was back then.

"That was not shown as much in the DVD. That is fine with me, and I'm not complaining about that. Maybe it was repeated enough times that they didn't need it in there. It was sort of said in its own way anyway."

Bret also shared his thoughts on today's WWE talents, stating, "I see a lot of high quality in different wrestlers. I have come to be impressed with the girl wrestlers' division. I find they are much more hard working and much more entertaining than lady wrestlers ever were before. I tip my hat to the long list of girls that have really taken wrestling up a notch.

"I like a lot of the smaller cruiserweight guys. I like Bryan Danielson [Daniel Bryan] and a lot of the second and third generation talent like Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton.

"I sort of have a kinship with the kids that grew up with wrestling and are doing it now. The ones that are in it now, even Curt Hennig's kid and [the British] Bulldog's son Harry [Smith], I find myself really proud of all of them for carrying on the dream their father's left behind."

You can check out the full interview at this link.

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