Sources: & The Orlando Sentinel

-- Goldust, who works backstage as an agent/producer with the WWE Divas, is predicting via Twitter that Eve Torres will win the WWE Divas Title from Beth Phoenix at Sunday's WWE Vengeance pay-per-view.

-- has posted an interview with Mason Ryan where he talks about going after Dolph Ziggler and wanting to become the new WWE United States Champion. In the article, Ryan says he is absolutely going to tear Ziggler apart when he gets his hands on him.

-- The Orlando Sentinel's Roger Moore has reviewed WWE Studios' new film, The Reunion, starring John Cena. They've got a lot of negative things to say about WWE's latest effort and the author only gives it a one-star review. Here are some quotes from the review.

"Now Mike Pavone's last picture for WWE comes out, "The Reunion," a split personality action comedy that fails to please either impulse. The action is wan, the laughs hard to come by. They spent the money, as they often did under Pavone, on surrounding a wrestling star with decent actors (Amy Smart, Ethan Embry, Michael Rispoli). But an incoherent script gives them too little to do."

"Wrestler John Cena has become a comfortable screen presence, within a certain range. He's OK as a cop on disciplinary leave forced to form a sort of bounty hunters business with his siblings in order for them all to receive an inheritance."

"Coming at the end of a string of flops, "The Reunion" makes one wonder about the motives and business model for this whole enterprise."

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