Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- WWE recently filed for the ""Supercharge" trademark. This likely has to do with the upcoming WWE Network.

-- It should be noted that reports of Mick Foley's WWE return being "officially" announced are not confirmed by any means. Obviously this could change but WWE has not "officially" announced anything yet. This is simply the TD Garden's website hyping the three-hour live RAW telecast. As we've been reporting though, Foley is expected to return to WWE in the near future so it's possible the arena press release is legit.

-- On some cable systems, the Saturday edition of Lucha Libre USA is listed as a season finale. The season was scheduled to be 13-episodes, and this coming episode is only the fourth in the season.

-- The following matches are scheduled for Saturday's show…

* Petey Williams vs. Charly Malice
* Rudisimo (Rellik and Sydistiko) vs. The PR Powers to crown the first-ever Lucha Libre USA Tag Team Champions

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