JR Tweets: Benoit/Hart/HOF, TNA Debut?, Live SD?

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JR Tweets: Benoit/Hart/HOF, TNA Debut?, Live SD?
Jim Ross answered a series of fan questions Saturday on Twitter including whether he'd ever consider joining TNA Wrestling, why Chris Benoit and Owen Hart have not been enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame, why SmackDown isn't live, and more.

Matt Hardy returning to WWE: "Matt Hardy should get clean and sober & not worry about wrestling until his life isn't an embarrassment & being put at risk."

Why SmackDown isn't live on a weekly basis: "Smackdown isn't live because of exorbitant, increased tv production costs of keeping production crew on road all week."

If reports of him penning an autobiography are true: "Not true..more Internet dirt. I'm not in process of writing a book. 'maybe' some day."

If he'd ever join TNA Wrestling: "I'm a WWE guy plus TNA has excellent announcers & they don't need my services."

Why Owen Hart is not in the WWE Hall of Fame: "Owen Hart has not been inducted because of potential legal issues w/ his estate, etc."

Why Chris Benoit is not in the WWE Hall of Fame: "Why #ChrisBenoit not yet inducted to #HOF?.... You can't be serious."

The fan replied, "Benoit was a GREAT wrestler, you've got to give him credit for that."

Ross responded, "No one ever said Benoit wasn't a great wrestler did they? The last few days of his life precludes his HOF status."

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