'WWE Vengeance' Results & Your Feedback

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Beth Phoenix (c) pinned Eve

After the match, Phoenix mockingly tended to her fallen opponent before heading to the back.

Backstage Matt Striker interviewed The Big Show. Striker asked Show if he was prepared after his long layoff. Show said he is ready, and Henry will experience everything he's experienced over the last four months, and Vengeance -- and the World heavyweight championship -- will be his.

A promo aired hyping the WWE: Greatest Rivalries - Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD.

Sheamus vs. Christian

Sheamus dominated Christian early on in the match, using his size and strength to his advantage. Sheamus planted Christian with a Davey Boy Smith extended suplex for a two count. I'm a little surprised at the lack of heat in this match.

Christian was thrown in the ropes a kicked Sheamus to gain the advantage. Christian landed a pair of neckbreakers and a series of kicks. At one point, Michael Cole noted that he was reading JR's Twitter. Man, the commentating in WWE needs an overhaul.

Christian stayed in control of the match, including hitting a missile dropkick from the second rope. Christian tried to follow with a flying headbutt, but Sheamus rolled out of the way. Sheamus took control with a series of clotheslines and a bodyslam. Christian was able to send Sheamus outside of the ring, but was met with a shoulder when Sheamus re-entered.

Later in the match, Sheamus hit an Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count. He signaled from the Brogue kick, but was met with a spear when he charged at Christian, who was able to get a two count. Christian then hit a hurricarana from the top rope, and motioned for another spear. However, when he charged at Sheamus with the spear, he was met with a huge Brogue kick. Sheamus then covered Christian for the three count. Good match, hurt by the quiet crowd.

Sheamus pinned Christian

Backstage David Otunga is speaking with John Laurinaitis. The Miz and R-Truth interrupt, and Otunga takes off. Miz and Truth credit Laurinaitis for re-instating them, and asked him why he did. Laurinaitis said that they suck up well and left. Miz and Truth argued over who is better at sucking up, but then agree that Triple H and CM Punk suck. They did some "suck" jokes that mostly fell flat. The finished by saying that it sucks to be Triple H and CM Punk. Not their strongest showing.

A cool promo aired airing the history of the Triple H and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth feud.

The heels make their way to the ring first, singing "You Suck." CM Punk is out next, and The Game enters last.

Triple H and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth

Punk and Miz started the match for their respective teams. Punk landed some stiff kicks early, and Triple H tagged himself in. Miz made a quick tag to Truth. HHH floored Truth with a shoulder block early, and took control of the match. He did a crotch chop and tagged Punk back in. Punk hit a suplex and went for the cover, but truth kicked out quickly and tagged in Miz.

Punk immediately got Miz to the mat and tied up his legs and slapped him. He tagged HHH back in and they nailed Miz with a double suplex. HHH chop blocked Miz and applied a figure four leglock, and used Punk for leverage while the ref was paying attention to Miz. HHH eventually let go of the hold and tagged Punk back in.

Punk got a quick two count, and then applied an arm bar. This time, Punk used HHH for leverage whenever the referee was distracted. Punk was met with an elbow when he charged Miz in the corner, and was then clocked by Truth when he went to their corner. Truth tagged in and applied a headlock. A "CM Punk" chant broke out. Punk hit a side suplex to break free. Punk then tagged Triple H, who beat down Truth and then threw Miz in the ring for good measure. HHH dominated the heels and hit them with a double clothesline, sending both outside the ring. HHH got Truth back in and punched Miz. Truth then hit HHH with a dropkick to regain the advantage for his team.

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