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World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show

Show took control of the match early, landing a flurry of punches early on which sent Henry heading for cover outside of the ring. Henry got on the apron, and Show flung him into the ring. Show continued to beat him down, including nailing him with a kick to the jaw. Henry retreated outside the ring again. Henry grabbed the belt from the timekeeper and started heading to the back, but Show came out and got him back in the ring.

Show entered the ring, but was met with a chop block. Henry followed up with a big body slam and then started working over Show's knee. Henry dropped elbows on Show's injured knee. Henry continued to work the leg over until Show was finally able to shove Henry off. Both men got to their feet and nailed each other with a clothesline.

They fought their way back to their feet, and Show landed a series of headbutts, followed by a series of clotheslines. Show hit a shoulderblock and a bodyslam. Show then called for a chokeslam. Show grabbed Henry's throat and hit the chokeslam. One.. two.. Henry kicks out! Show then went for the big punch, but was met with a kick to the gut. Henry then hit the WSS. One... two... Show kicks out! Henry then went to the top rope. Show caught him at the top and hit a giant chokeslam from the top rope. One... two.. Henry kicks out!

A frustrated Show got to his feet, and then decided to give the top rope a try. Show climbed to the second rope, and Henry caught him with a punch. Henry then hit a superplex, which forced the ring to collapse. Although it's been done before, it was an awesome spot!

Officials hit the ring and signaled for help. EMTs brought out a stretcher from the back and realized that it wouldn't be big enough. Officials then brought a vehicle with a flatbed on back. John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long headed to ringside. They helped the officials tending to Show and Henry. Show was placed on the flatbed and escorted to the back. Officials tried to help Henry out of the ring, but he collapsed on the floor. He was helped up, and Henry pushed everyone back before falling back to the ground. Henry said he didn't want anyone's help and that he was the champion. Finally Henry was able to walk to the back with the help of officials. Laurinaitis took the mic and said that regardless of the injuries sustained by Show and Henry and the condition of the ring, the WWE championship match will still take place. Good match until the non-finish, in many ways the best thing on the show so far. I don't think I've ever said that after a match with Henry and Show.

Mark Henry (c) and The Big Show fought to a no contest.

Main event time!

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and introduces Alberto Del Rio. The ring is still in shambles.

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship:
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena

They are doing the match with the faulty ring. Cena is wearing new gear, donning camouflage shorts. Dueling "Let's Go Cena" / "Cena sucks" chants at the onset. Right as the bell rang, Del Rio threw Rodriguez into Cena. Cena got Rodriguez in position for an AA, but was kicked in the gut by Del Rio. Del Rio proceeded to dominate the opening moments of the match.

The big story of the match was the broken ring, and the announcers were selling big how it changes the match. At one point, Cena went for the five knuckle shuffle, but couldn't run the ropes so he just dropped a punch. Moments later Cena hit a gut wrench suplex, but Del Rio got up at 4. Cena charged at Del Rio, but Del Rio caught Cena in a tilt a whirl suplex. The ref started the count, but Del Rio stopped it at 4 and continued the attack on Cena. Del Rio placed Cena under the fallen ringside post, and then jumped on it. The ref started the count again, but Cena rolled to the center of the ring and got up at 8.

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