-- ComicBookMovie.com has an interview with Christopher Daniels in which "The Fallen Angel" talked about comic books and comic book movies. When asked if he would leave wrestling for a career on the big screen, he replied, "I'd love an opportunity to act in the future, but I understand how difficult it is to break into that field, and as much as I'd like being a professional wrestler to open doors for me, I'm realistic enough to know that it'll take a bit more than that to get me onscreen. So for now I'm content with my wrestling career, but as for the future..." You can check out the full article by clicking here.

-- New CHIKARA music is available for download in iTunes, Zune and other outlets. You can download the 2009 theme of the Go-Go (by Wiggly of Trap Door) via iTunes, Zune, Amazon MP3, MediaNet, eMusic, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, VerveLife and other online outlets. Click here for a direct link to the song in iTunes.

-- Former WWE announcer Todd Grisham has already found himself in hot water at his new job with ESPN. During the Texas Tech - Oklahoma college football game over the weekend, Grisham referred to a camera shot of several distraught Oklahoma fans as the "trail of tears." The term is referred to the relocation of Native American nations following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Native Americans. Both ESPN and Grisham apologized for the remark, with Grisham writing on his Twitter, "Sincerely didn't mean any harm with that comment after OU loss. I saw a shot of fans crying, historical reference didn't even cross my mind." Grisham went on to note that his great grandmother was a "full blooded Cherokee." "I am very proud of my Native-American roots," Grisham wrote. You can check out more about the incident at USA Today by clicking here.

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