Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch & The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- While many in the locker room are happy for James Storm capturing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, according to one wrestler, there is more faith in Bobby Roode as champion over "The Tennessee Cowboy." Concern also lingers about Storm being "too Southern" to represent TNA.

-- We reported last week that the reason Eric Bischoff has so much power within TNA is due to Spike TV working directly through him. This is because Spike TV had lost faith in Dixie Carter, following the situation where they were doing the angle to get the Main Event Mafia back together last year and they spent months building it up. She had told Spike TV that Booker T and Kevin Nash were going to be back. But Booker had no interest in returning. Kevin Nash was under contract but got out of it, (reportedly telling friends he threatened to "tell the truth about her") and she released him from his contract and allowed him to sign with WWE. Months of build went nowhere, and Fortune was turned face to feud with Immortal.

-- Jules Werton was hired as the new head of Public Relations, replacing Steven Godfrey.

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