From Terri Bey and Pwinsider:

I was watching "The Real Rocky" which is part of ESPN Films' 30 for 30 series. This documentary discusses the life former boxer Chuck Wepner. and the possibility of his being the real inspiration for the "Rocky" series. There is a part where Wepner is meeting Andre the Giant, and Wepner talks about how his hand would be enveloped by Andre's. They then show Wepner fighting Andre at Shea Stadium, and Vince McMahon comments on the fight between Wepner. There is a part where Andre throws Wepner over the ropes into the crowd. In Rocky 2 or 3, they show Thunderlips played by Hulk Hogan throwing Rocky (played by Sly Stallone) over the top rope into a crowd. At the end of the film, when the lawsuit that Wepner filed against Stallone for the use of his story is discussed, Vince McMahon is shown, saying that he would advise Wepner to settle.

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