Source: F4WOnline

-- Linda McMahon has reportedly contributed over $600,000 of her own money to get her 2012 Senate campaign going. The amount was reported in her campaign's first fundraising report, Which listed a total of $1.2 million in initial expenses. The main expenses were for consulting firms, a research and polling company and campaign consultants.

-- According to Steve Harmes, Killer Karl Kox is doing better following a massive heart attack last week. Harmes spoke with Kox's son Cody who said the following: "Good news. My dad finally woke up today. He doesn't stay awake for very long though, has he is still groggy. Doctors say that his kidneys are fine and his heart has reacted well to the pacemaker and is getting stronger. I will keep everyone updated as to his road to recovery continues."

-- Despite rumors to the contrary, Gerald Brisco did not pass away today. The sixty-five year-old is reportedly alive and doing fine. It appears the rumor started on DDP's Twitter account, which looks to be hacked.

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