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-- The preliminary buyrate for Night of Champions is said to be a bit under 200,000 buys, which WWE says is about the same number as last year.

-- Kevin Nash wrote the following on Twitter today regarding his sledgehammer attack on Triple H from this past Monday's RAW Supershow: "Recall HHH bashing me in the head at the Night of Champions with a sledgehammer? Now I'm the bad guy or do I scare the s--t out of you?"

-- Lucha Libre USA issued a statement on their Facebook Page announcing that they will go on a hiatus on television and will air a match on Facebook, as well as their World Wide Warriors Webcast:

Thank you to all our fans for sending us your feedback regarding the 10am time slot for Masked Warriors. We agree with you, which is why the second season of Masked Warriors will be going on a brief hiatus until a more convenient viewing experience becomes available. We are currently working to resume programming as quickly as possible and have many other exciting projects in the works for you. This Saturday morning at 10am EST on Facebook, we will be posting a special match between Shane Helms? and Lizmark Jr. The World Wide Warriors Webcast will continue every Wednesday at 8PM EST. This Wednesday, Alex Iz will be discussing the match between Shane Helms and Lizmark Jr. Shane Helms will be on the program live and answering your questions on Please check back soon for more exciting news from Lucha Libre USA. Thanks, as always, for your support!

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