-- As noted earlier this week, AWE President Rick Garrison confirmed ongoing negotiations toward getting the company on TV next year. AWE CEO Marvin Ward spoke about landing a weekly TV series in 2012, stating, "looking at Night of Legends, we obviously have a good product to offer fans on TV on a weekly basis, and we're fortunate to have a significant presence online and particularly in the social-media world."

-- Speaking of AWE, Garrison spoke about Perry Saturn's return to professional wrestling after a nine-year absence. "The time on the streets certainly made him a lot tougher," said Garrison of Saturn, who earned a clean pinfall victory over C.W. Anderson at the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view. "He was a drunkard, he was a drug addict. My God, he ate garbage out of cans, for God's sake! We've been watching him for a couple of months. He's getting in shape. He looks good." Garrison went on to say that he would be in touch with Saturn's representatives with a contract offer.

-- CHIKARA is in Pennsylvania this weekend for their "No Safety in Numbers" event tonight from The Goodwill Beneficial Assoc. Hall in Reading, PA, as well as for their "Maiden Flight of the Great Condor" event on October 30th from The Campbell Street Center in Williamsport, PA. You can get more details at chikarapro.com.

-- Peter Polaco, aka Justin Credible, was recently on The Abe Kanan Show on SiriusXM Howard 101. The show airs live from 5-7 pm ET every Saturday, and is replayed on Sunday from 2-4 pm ET. Polaco discussed the Scott Hall E:60 piece, his career, and his take of the state of the industry. Polaco also talked about Shawn Michaels being attacked by Marines outside of a bar in Syracuse, NY in October of 1995, stating, "I was there. He got f--ked up bad. That was scary, actually."

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