Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- The Rock's response to John Cena on RAW will be a taped promo. He will not appear live.

-- WWE is currently planning to lean heavily on the Halloween aspect of the show. A Diva costume contest is currently planned.

-- So far three Muppet performers (Steve Whitmire, Eric Jacobson and Bill Barretta) are scheduled for RAW, along with some right hands. These performers encompass all of the Muppets except Gonzo.

-- The Muppet performers were asked to prepare a segment with Stadler and Waldforf doing commentary for a match, possibly for the Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross segment.

-- At this time, it appears that nine Muppet characters will appear on RAW tonight.

-- Stephanie McMahon noted that of all their guest stars, she was most excited for this one.

-- Many WWE performers have been pushing to work with the Muppets on tonight's RAW.

-- The Muppets appearance is getting the company a lot of positive attention since it's so unique in nature.

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