Here is a transcript of The Rock's RAW promo:

John Cena, ya want The Rock to be your tag team partner, ya wanna team up with The Rock. Can it be done? Should it be done? John, you and The Rock have been the most polarizing men on this planet. Cena represents an era and a generation. The Rock represents an era and a generation. Last Monday, you asked The Rock from the heart to be your tag team partner. Here's The Rock's answer back to you....HELL NO! Hell! No! You want The Rock to be your partner? The same guy who's been knocking on The Rock's door for years and were shocked when he opened it and came back. Ya see, in order for The Rock to be a tag team, you must be able to tag, must be able to slap the skin on the hand when he would much rather just slap the lips on your face, punk! Why would The Rock team up with him and the Froot Loop Troop?! No....way. But then, The Rock started to listen. He started to think. He got millions upon millions of tweets, telling The Rock to team up with John Cena...but here's why...because, we, the world, Team Bring It, we hate and despise The Miz and R-Truth.

So ya see, it's about what the people want, and what the people want is to see The Miz and R-Truth get their ass kicked like their asses have never been kicked before. So, in that case, John Cena, your wish came true. For one night, you and The Rock WILL BE a tag team. Truth, Miz, you've become two bad asses, two of the most hated men in the WWE, being a coward. Why don't ya come and try and face The Rock to the face? Cena, ya got your wish...right now, I know you're so happy. I know there's millions of fans running around the house thankin The Rock in their parents house...well slow it down, lil Cowboys....slow it down. Cena, there's another reason why The Rock is doing this...and that's this: John, The Rock wants you to witness, on that night, The Rock wants you to stand on that apron and be one foot away from the Most Electrifying Man in the world. Cena, what The Rock does to Miz and Truth is going to be just a taste of what The Rock will do to you at Wrestlemania! John, you stand there and you witness The Rock. You watch, and respect and damn sure learn how a man gets it done. The Rock and John Cena, Survivor Series....never before...never again.

If ya smelllllllll.....what The Cooking!

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