-- TMZ.com has an interview with the Ultimate Warrior, who talks about the recent Wall Street protests. In the interview, Warrior calls the protesters hypocrites for being big consumers while protesting against Corporate America. "I would never take a one-sided defense for Corporate America, but I find it ironic when most of these kids own, like, iPads and iPhones and all this stuff, all these material things, they're a big part of the consumerism that goes on in this country," Warrior said (props to Bleacher Report for the transcription). "I think the biggest statement you can make is not to participate in the consumerism of it all, you know? Don't buy the stuff. Live your own life, practice what you preach. I don't see a lot of that going on.

"When they go down an interview these people they don't have an idea what they want done, they just want to participate in something. There's a frenetic energy in screaming and yelling and being a rebel in a way." You can check out the interview at this link.

-- Michigan-based website MLive.com has an interview with William Moody, aka Paul Bearer, about the upcoming Smack Down in Jacktown 2 fundraiser at Jackson High School on Saturday to benefit the Jackson High School softball team. In the interview, Moody is asked about his thoughts of Vince McMahon. "He's fantastic a real genius in our industry," said Moody. "He's just like any other boss. If you do your job and do it well, he'll take care of you. If you don't, he'll show you the door. We've never had a problem. He's like any other boss, he just happens to run a million-dollar business. He's still at the top of the game."

-- AWE has a highlights video up of their Night of the Legends pay-per-view, which you can check out at AWEonPPV.com. The show featured pro-wrestling legends Kevin Nash, the Rock n Roll Express, Diamond Dallas Page, Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, Tammy Sytch, Fit Finlay, Jim Duggan and more. You can purchase the show and watch it up to three times in 72 hours via your computer for $24.95. To purchase the show, register at AWEonPPV.com and click on "Live Events" and "Night of the Legends."

-- CHIKARA announced a NYC bus trip to their season finale and iPPV event High Noon on December 13. The bus trip departs NYC at 12:30 pm (please arrive by 12 noon.) Meeting for pick-up on 9th Avenue between 42nd & 43rd Streets, in front of Starbucks, a block away from Port Authority. Bus arrives back in NYC by 10:00 pm that same evening. Tickets for each person, including transportation, driver gratuity, and one general admission seat to the matches are $55.00 each. Each ticket includes luxurious charter bus service to the arena door with quality wrestling footage on all of the TVs. For more information, please contact Richard J. Parker (347) 531-7947 or [email protected] to arrange your reservation and payment, or check in to their Facebook event page by clicking here.

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