Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan Talks New Fed, Benoit & More

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Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins was on with Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman on Sirius XM's Busted Open, Sirius 94, XM 208. Here are some highlights from the interview with Corgan, who is launching Resistance Pro Wrestling on November 25th.

On going national:

I want a national promotion. I want a promotion that can run on national TV.

Now, it's interesting though. I think there's a dichotomy because some of these guys; The Steens, The Briscos, The Nechrobutchers, The Colt Cobanas, El Generico. I mean It kind of all plays into both sides, I mean telling the tale. I mean there's nobody better right now than Kevin Steen. We think he's brilliant. There's nobody better than El Generico. We think he's an amazing storyteller, and somebody that easily could've gone to the next level to let's say a TNA or even a WWE at some point, but these are also guys that at ROH, they take incredible risks, and I've seen Kevin Steen go through 3 ladders, and a table all on the same spot. So, I'm sure there's some things that maybe you want to teach these guys or show these guys that they need to control or even alter as they go forward to stay healthy as you were talking about before.

My argument is, and I've had these conversations with some of the wrestlers I know personally, and of course my partners. That stuff only should be involved if it involves the storyline. My biggest argument against some of the independent promotions which I'm a fan of, and I go to the shows, so it's not like I'm talking like I don't know, is if it doesn't have an angle to it, what's the point other than the HOLY s--t FACTOR!, right?

I've been to ROH shows where the athleticism is so incredible. I mean, I jump out of my seat because I'm like, "How is that even possible?" Believe me, I pop for that stuff too! But from the side of the fence that I'm on now, not just as a fan, but as somebody who's responsible on some level. Because at the end of the day, they're going to make those decisions for themselves, you know what I mean? I'm not going to be telling people what to do on that level. That's why they're the creative people just like I don't want people to tell me how to write my songs, right?

But if there are people doing things in our ring that don't have a reason other than just that pure need to adrenalize, I think that's a disservice to them, their longevity, and will ultimately be a disservice to my promotion. There are promotions out there that that is their calling card. That is their business. I support them if they think that is what they need to do. In our promotion, we're going to be more storyline, angle-based. I would say hopefully, our talent is going to take less punishment, and get over more. Now I have to prove myself right, and I have to prove the public right, and let's see if I can do that. And if I can, then I can say, "See, this is a good thing!" At the end of the day, if the fans are going to another promotion because they'd like to see that kind of athleticism, just for the pure athleticism of it, then I'll tip my hat and say, "You know better than me!" But I've watching wrestling now for 40 years, and if you ask me what are your favorite angles? What are your favorite moments? It doesn't involve a guy doing a 630 corkscrew. It involves the moment where somebody turns on somebody, and you go, Oh my god! I can't believe that just happened!" That's the way I remember it.

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