As a lifelong WWE fan, some of best experiences have been attending live shows. From pay per views, house shows and weekly WWE shows, almost every event provided memorable moments that were even better than watching on TV.

Sound off below on your favorite WWE live event memories and if you attended any of the same events I did.

1990 WWE Survivor Series Hartford, Connecticut

My first live event was when I was three years old. I was sitting in nearly the last row of the Hartford Civic Center and remember fighting with my older brother over the binoculars. This was the debut of the Undertaker and no one really knew when to expect when Ted DiBiase introduced him.

The best moment of the show was the finale as The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan celebrated in the ring after winning the "Ultimate Survivor's" Match.

2005 WWE Armageddon Pay Per View Providence, Rhode Island

After seeing the Hell in a Cell match so many times on TV, I finally got the chance to view it in person as Randy Orton took on the Undertaker. Because of the small arena, the size of the cell was actually disappointing, but the match provided a lot of memorable moments.

The highlight of the pay per view was the cell match and taking home my first WWE souvenir chair featuring Batista's eyes with flames in them.

2006 WWE Summerslam Boston, Massachusetts

Even if I did not attend live, this would probably be one of the my favorite Summerslam events. When Hulk Hogan entered for his match against Randy Orton, I heard one of the loudest pops I've heard live, but by the middle of the match, the crowd was really into Orton.

During a bathroom break, I met Ron Simmons just outside the restrooms. Damn!

The Mick Foley and Ric Flair "I Quit" match was great for the live crowd, but my favorite moment was pushing up against the guard rail with other fans and seeing Triple H get choke slammed through the announcer's table literally five feet in front of my face.

WWE Raw 15th Anniversary Bridgeport, Connecticut

I bought tickets for this event before I knew it was the 15th Anniversary celebration and that just made it that much more special. When the show ended, the roster entered the WWE ring and stayed for a while which was really cool.

The gimmick battle royal was one of the bets parts because of the anticipation of the classic WWE stars that would enter the ring every couple of minutes. After the show, I met with wrestlers like The Goon and Cryme Time in the parking lot, but as I was leaving, I stopped at a red light, looked to my left and was right next to Mick Foley and his family driving in a mini-van.

2009 WWE Backlash Providence, Rhode Island

Going to a WWE show, it never gets old when you walk past the curtain and witness the WWE stage and set-up for the first time. When I first arrived for WWE Backlash, I was disappointed with the double spotlight set-up for the stage.

I soon realized their purpose in the main event when John Cena took on Edge in a Last Man Standing match. This match was chaotic and the end was spectacular. Nearly everybody jumped out of their seats when The Big Show choke slammed Cena through the spotlight.

The highlight was seeing dozens of confused kids worry about John Cena and many of them cried as they left the arena. Bwahaha.

2011 Royal Rumble Boston, Massachusetts

Two huge spots were highlights during the most recent Rumble match. The first was John Morrison's guardrail jump and the other was Santino Morello's re-entry at the end of the Rumble. There was a large groan of disappointment when Santino lost and nothing was more annoying then leaving the event and hearing Ricardo Rodriguez scream the whole time.

Oh, and Booker T got a louder pop than Kevin Nash.

What are your favorite live WWE events that you attended?

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