Thanks to reader Travis Ray for sending in these results from Tuesday's SmackDown! tapings at the Bi Lo Center in Greenville, S.C.:

Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and Booker T head to ringside.

A street fight between Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes is up first. Crowd is really into this one. Great back and forth match with Orton finally winning with the RKO in the center of the ring. After the match, Orton put a paper bag on Rhodes' face. So much for making the Intercontinental title relevant again.

Ted Dibiase squashed Tyson Kidd.

Backstage interview with Mark Henry. He will face Daniel Bryan later tonight. Henry says that Bryan can't beat him.

Alicia Fox defeated Natalya in a short match.

In-ring interview with The Big Show, who says he'll knock out Mark Henry. Christian comes out and asks why Show should get another shot. Christian says he deserves a shot, and Big Show chokeslams him.

Sheamus comes to the ring to face Christian, who is still outside the ring knocked out. Wade Barrett comes out and says that Christian is obviously in no shape to fight Sheamus, and that he will fill in for him.

Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus with a roll up with an assist from Christian. After the match, Christian speared Sheamus.

Backstage, Big Show tells Bryan that he has his back in the main event tonight.

A vignette for Brodus Clay airs.

Sin Cara defeated newcomer Epico by disqualification after Hunico interfered and attacked Sin Cara. Epico and Hunico proceeded to beat down Sin Cara. The crowd is apparently dead at this point.

Daniel Bryan w/ Big Show in his corner vs. Mark Henry ended in a DQ when Show knocked out Henry. Show then threw water in Daniel Bryan's face and tells him to cash in the Money in the Bank. Before he could do it, Henry recovered and gave Bryan the World's Strongest Slam and nailed Show with the briefcase. Teddy Long came out and made Big Show vs. Mark Henry for the Survivor Series.

Dark Match
The Big Show and Sheamus vs. Christian and Mark Henry is the main event. Show ran Henry to the back, leaving Sheamus vs. Christian. Sheamus pinned Christian after planting him with the Brogue kick.

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