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Here's the results of tonight's marathon ROH TV Tapings from the Davis Arena in Louisville, Ky. I say marathon because ROH taped 5 episodes tonight. The show started right on time at 7, and ended at 11:40. It was good for the most part, and I like the current ROH product, but I find myself these past two tapings in Louisville missing the Claudio Castagnolis and Colt Cabanas of the world in ROH. I think they need something with a slight comedy Edge to it to break things up a bit. It gets stale feeling at times.

It was the same set up as last time here, with the announce desk in front of what is the babyface entrance at ROH shows. Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness were again the announcers. No bikini girl this time, but they did have The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) of OVW out a few times wearing, and showing off, different ROH merchandise. There were again delays between the matches, while they do whatever they're doing production wise. The delays aren't unbearable, but they're noticeable.

Again like last month, a few times a random football game started playing on the video screens. That is so strange, and it's happened two months in a row. The crowd last month was said to be 400, and it was in the same range tonight, maybe a bit less, so I'd guess 350ish to start, but it thinned out some late for sure. The crowd got tired as things rolled around, but they tried to stay with it to the end.

Jim Cornette addressed the crowd to start the show, same stuff he said last month.

1. Randy Terrez & Adam Revolver beat Mohamad Ali Vaez & Rudy Switchblade

Dark match. All OVW talent here, but two totally slapped together teams. Switchblade is the current OVW Heavyweight champion, but didn't have the belt with him here. Terrez was bleeding from the forehead a bit, but they didn't stop the match. Terrez pinned Vaez to win it. The match was fine, and the crowd enjoyed it.

One thing they did do different this taping was they had Kelly and McGuinness do a live stand up introduction for the start of each episode in front of the announce desk. The first one was now, there were many more to follow as the night went on.

2. Mike Mondo beat Alex Silva

The was the first match of the ROH tapings. Both OVW guys here, but both were on the last ROH taping as well. Mondo got the win with a double armed DDT. Decent TV match. OVW referee Chris Sharpe reffed this match, and several more matches tonight as well.

3. Mike Bennett w/Brutal Bob Evans beat Jamin Olivencia

Olivencia is also a regular OVW talent. Bennett took the mic before the match and said he was the ROH TV champion, and said this was a TV title shot for Olivencia. Very competitive match until Bennett dropped Olivencia down and won it out of nowhere, so Bennett retains his imaginary ROH TV title.

4. Davey Richards beat Kyle O'Reilly w/Tony Kozina

Richards with some prematch mic work, saying this would be a fight "American Strong style". This was the TV main event for the first episode. Non title affair here. Truth Martini joined the announce booth for this one. Excellent match. Richards finally won when Kozina threw in the towell for O'Reilly, while O'Reilly was trapped in an ankle lock submission. Great stuff here.

Truth Martini got in the ring after the match and made Richards an offer of some sort. Richards and O'Reilly beat Martini up instead.

5. The Briscoe Brothers(Mark & Jay) vs Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman went to a no contest

This was the first match of the second taping. Alexander and Coleman fared very well early against the Briscoe's. One of the Briscoe's had a cut on his eyebrow, but the match was not stopped. I thought Kentucky was a state where a match had to be stopped for blood? Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin ran in with chairs, and ended up going out the side door and into the parking with the Briscoe's, as a camera followed them outside. Due to this, the match was ruled a no contest.

6. Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini beat Raphael Constantine & Sean Casey in a handicap match

Constantine and Casey are both current OVW regulars. Casey has the distinction of being partially trained by the late Brian Pillman. The powerful Elgin won the match after giving both Casey and Constantine spinebusters at the same time. Constantine had the ice pack placed on his neck after the match.

7. Jay Lethal vs El Generico went to a 15 minute draw, so Lethal retains the ROH TV title

This was the main event for the second episode. Mike Bennett and "Brutal" Bob Evans came out and sat at ringside to watch this match, and brought Nachos, a hot dog, and popcorn with them. Evans did all the eating though. With three minutes left in the time limit, Bennett grabbed the TV title, and put it on. Lethal went out and slapped Bennett on the floor. With the time limit almost expired, Lethal landed a top rope elbow, but Bennett had referee Todd Sinclair distracted, so the match ended in a draw. Lethal and Bennett fought more on the floor after the match. El Generico took them both out with a dive to the floor. The crowd chanted for 5 more minutes. It didn't happen, but Lethal and Generico did argue some. Different style from these two than the other matches tonight, but I like the way these guys work together. Still seems weird seeing Jay Lethal in ROH though.


8. Tommaso Ciampa w/Prince Nana, Ernesto Osiris & Princess Mia beat Shiloh Jonze

This was the first match for episode 3. Jonze is another OVW regular, lots of crowd chants for Jonze. Fun enough squash ending with Ciampa hitting his "Project Ciampa" finisher for the win.

Next came the Kevin Steen reinstatement angle. Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette got into the ring with Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs, who wore a shiny suit. Steen came to the ring with attorney Chrisian Mascagni, and two other flunkys. Mascagni is yet another OVW regular as a manager/attourny, and is an attorney in real life. Cornette said Steen was a great wrestler, but that he was also legit crazy. Cornette said Steen is also an a**hole. Steen said none of that stuff insults him, and called Cornette a hypocritical piece of garbage. Steen said he carried ROH on his back for a year. Steen said Cornette hates him because he can't control him.

Corino took the mic and said he created all of this, but said that Steen went too far. Steen said Corino and Jacobs have had their balls cut off, and are as pathetic now as Cornette. Corino said he would face Steen at Final Battle on December 23rd, and if Steen wins he's reinstated. Corino said he would be an evil person on that night. Cornette then said Jimmy Jacobs would be the referee for that match. Steen loved that idea. Steen also demanded Cornette be at ringside for the match to watch him win his career back up close. Steen said it would become Kevin Steen's Ring Of Honor.

9. The Young Bucks(Matt & Nick Jackson) beat Future Shock(Kyle O'Reilly & Adam Cole)

This was the main event for episode 3. The crowd started showing some fatigue here. One of the Young Bucks, I believe Nick Jackson, took a wicked blow on the floor to the back of his head against the ring apron, courtesy of Adam Cole. Scary looking spot. Turned into a real good match late, tons of fast paced spots. O'Reilly used some great submissions, but the Bucks wouldn't submit. The Young Bucks finally won it by pinning O'Reilly after a double team move. O'Reilly was looking worse for the wear after this match, rough night for him between this and the Davey Richards match he had earlier.

10. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman beat The Bravado Brothers(Lancelot & Harlem)

This was the first match for the 4th episode. I don't care what anyone else says, I love the Bravado Brothers. They are entertaining as Hell. Alexander and Coleman won this one though, in what I'd call a mild upset. A strong showing from Coleman and Alexander in both of their matches tonight, and the crowd took to them much more tonight than they did last month here.

11. TJ Perkins beat Chris Silvio

Silvio is yet another of many OVW regulars that worked this show tonight. Silvio appeared to be doing a "Superstar" Billy Graham impression tonight. Perkins got the win in a fairly competitive match.

12. The All Night Express(Rhett Titus & Kenny King) beat Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

This was the TV main event for the 4th episode. Back and forth match for awhile. While Shelton Benjamin was on the floor, the Briscoe Brothers ran out and hit him on the back with a chair. Meanwhile in the ring, The All Night Express hit a double team move, and then pinned Charlie Hass to garner a huge win for them over "The Worlds Greatest Tag Team".
The postmatch saw Benjamin stay down doing an injury angle on the floor, while Charlie Hass cut an extremely pissed off promo. Hass said Benjamin was like a brother to him, and he knows what it's like to lose a brother.

13. Eddie Edwards beat Andy "Right Leg" Ridge via submission

This was the first match for the 5th taping. Truth Martini was on commentary during this match. Ridge' chest had nasty marks on it from this match. Edwards won it fairly quickly with a submission.

14. Davey Richards beat Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini in a Proving Ground match

Richards had a lot of trouble with Elgin early, and had even more trouble when Elgin dropped Richards on the floor from a high elevation. Richards just barely beat the 20 count back in. Richards kicked Martini in the face while running on the apron late in the match. Richards got the win with two minutes left in the time limit with a sunset flip. Excellent match. Either this match, or the match Richards had against Kyle O'Reilly were the best of the night, take your pick. Rchards was in both of them.

The postmatch saw Elgin attack Richards with gusto. Eddie Edwards ran in and tried to make the save for Richards, but Edwards "accidentally"(?) hit Richards in the back of the head with the ROH title belt. BTW, Richards also had an IWGP title belt with him here tonight. Richards got pissed off and took Edwards down, and they started fighting. Kyle O'Reilly and Tony Kozina ran out trying to break this up, but it was to no avail. It became a full fledged pull apart that lasted quite awhile. Jim Cornette finally got in the ring trying to break it up, but had no luck either. Cornette called for more help from the back. Nigel McGuinness went to ringside trying to calm the situation down, but it has really flared up now between Richards and Edwards going into Final Battle. Whew, that was a lot of wrestling for one night.

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