Source: PWInsider

The TNA-Ohio Valley Wrestling relationship was the idea of Bruce Prichard. He pitched the idea several months back, because he worked with OVW while with WWE. His selling point to TNA was that several of WWE stars that broke through as top-tier talents came through OVW's seasoning,

A visit was then set up, with Prichard, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett visiting the Davis Arena so they could get a feel for the venue and the way that Danny Davis operates. This also happened several months back.

The new relationship will allow TNA to send potential talents they want to evaluate as well as younger TNA talents to Louisville. This will allow them to gain seasoning and more experience from Rip Rogers and other trainers. At this time, there are no plans to sign a lot of independent talents to developmental deals. But the deal will make it easier for the company to develop new talents when they come across someone they want to sign and develop.

The deal will also allow TNA to keep an eye on regulars working OVW TV, which will be beneficial for Ohio Valley Wrestling as they'll gain new students seeking to break into TNA

The deal will have no effect on ROH taping TV at the Davis Arena, as that's the company renting the space from Danny Davis, so they would be free to do so going forward.

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