Newark police detective Michael Morgan Jr., cousin of TNA star Matt Morgan, was gunned down and killed while off-duty during a robbery on Monday. Morgan apparently was trying to defend himself and a woman from an assailant trying to rob them when he was fatally shot in the torso. He died within the hour at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ.

Police apprehended two suspects, who were taken into custody this morning and charged with murder, armed robbery and weapons offenses.

"Mike Morgan was a highly decorated cop, who was in (the) anti-gang division and Monday was to start SVU," wrote Matt Morgan on his Twitter. "Still can't believe he got killed. Too young with HUGE career in front of him still.

"News said he'd gotten out of over 600 'guns drawn situations over his career in anti-gang without having to draw his own. That's insanely impressive."

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