Honky Tonk Man Talks Problems With Wrestling Today, Lack Of Superstars, IC Title & More

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"The independent scene is my bread, and butter, but they are so cut-throat to each other, that it's like, I might be in one town 100-miles away, there's a show the next night, and they fly in a whole new talent. It's like, 'No, we're not gonna' use that guy's talent because we don't like him, and his promotion,' or, 'He's trying to run in our back yard,' and it's not just in America, it's around the world I see this because I travel everywhere. But if they would get together, and they said, 'Look, let's 3 of us guys, promoters, get together, and run 3 shows straight in a row of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Friday, Saturday, Sunday,' and use these guys this way, I think it would work.

"What I don't understand is with WWE; with the amount of money they have behind them, and the size of the bank account, why don't they just open up a territory themselves, and say, 'OK. We're going to run all of the state of Texas for the next year. Then we're going to move out to California to do that,..,' I mean I think it would be cost-effective for them. And they could develop some real stars. You could see a star start to develop. Believe me, you cannot, like I said, go out there, spend two years out in a training camp, or a year out in a training camp, and all of a sudden be thrown out there on TV, and say, 'OK, make it or break it!' It can't be done!"

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