Source: Scripps News

Alex Marvez of Scripps News has an interview with Gail Kim, where she talks about her return to TNA and how she felt underutilized in WWE. You can check out some highlights below, the full interview is at this link.

The backstage reaction when she returned to TNA: "It's almost like no time has passed. Someone asked me how the reaction was (backstage) when I came back. Everyone was just like, 'Hey Gail.' I'm looking at my time away like it was a long vacation. The words everyone has used are, 'Welcome home.' This definitely feels like home."

Her first run with TNA: "What was so special is that there was literally no women's division in Impact. I don't think people expected to see what happened with us. We were literally an overnight success. Everyone involved worked so hard and gave all their heart to make it succeed. It was almost like we were on top of the wrestling world."

Leaving WWE: "That decision was a business decision. I had to take my heart out of it. I talked with everyone in the (Impact) office about it and why I had to do it. They understood, but it was still very emotional and heartbreaking for me.

"I try to look back at some of the positives. I made some good friendships there and had some good matches. But all I can say is that expression, 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,' was pretty much the result. I know I'll never go back there."

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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