Thanks to Chris Ritko for sending this in:

Just wanted to let you know that during intermission at Covey Pro's Veterans Day Wrestling Extravaganza in Duncansville, PA last night, someone stole Mickie James' purse while she was signing autographs at her gimmick table. The second-half of the show was delayed for at least 45 minutes as the owner and officials pleaded with the crowd to return Mickie's purse because her ID was in it and she would be unable to fly home. They even offered "amnesty" to whoever turned the purse in, saying that there would be no questions asked.

With no one coming forward, the owner eventually gave the word to start the second-half of the show. However, at this point some guy sitting ringside informed the ring announcer that two people who were "acting suspicious" had left the building a short while ago. He gave a description of them to the owner, who, along with numerous Covey Pro officials, wrestlers (including Chris York) and National Guardsmen, ran out to the parking lot. No one in the crowd was allowed to follow them out, but a short time later they returned and informed everyone that the purse had been recovered.

The rest of the show went off without a hitch, with Covey Pro announcing that they would be returning to Duncansville in the near future. When we were leaving the building, at least 8 or 9 police cars (including state and local) were in the parking lot. The culprits who (do you have to say allegedly here?) stole Mickie's purse were detained while their car was searched (it definitely looked like a drug-related search). The thieves' children were taken away in a taxicab by what appeared to be their grandmother, who was also at the show. Eventually the cops moved their cars and allowed everyone else to go on there way. All-in-all, a very interesting evening.

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