Source: Pwinsider

It has been reported that there was some sort of backstage incident at the Ohio Valley Wrestling event last night in Louisville, Kentucky at the Davis Arena. It involved OVW star Mohammad Ali Vaez and former WWE star Cliff "Domino" Compton.

Vaez was apparently upset over the finish of their match and began complaining once Compton came into the locker room. According to the storyline, Compton was fighting for the honor of one-legged veteran Michael Hayes, who was injured by Vaez. When Hayes showed up for the match, Compton gave Vaez and low blow and pinned him.

This led to Vaez getting very angry when Compton entered the locker room. It almost became physical, and others in the locker room had to hold them back. The attitude from those present is that if Vaez was angry, he chose the wrong time to do something, and that a veteran like Compton did not deserve to be spoken to that way in front of others.

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