'TNA Turning Point' Results: New Champion Crowned! Sound Off On Tonight's PPV

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Morgan psychs himself up in the corner and he tries for the carbon footprint, but Crimson avoids it and hits the spear. Crimson goes for the pin but he's still only able to get a two count. Crimson picks Morgan up and hits the ropes but he walks right into a big carbon footprint. Crimson falls to the outside. Morgan is quick to follow and he sends Crimson back into the ring, going for the pin, but Crimson kicks out at two.

Morgan catches Crimson in the corner with a boot, but Crimson comes up with a sit out chokebomb out of nowhere. Crimson goes for the pin but he still can't get three. Both men make their way to their feet. We get another stare down as both men walk toward each other. Morgan asks for Crimson's best shot, and he takes it. Morgan reciprocates and Crimson takes it. Crimson hits Morgan again, then Morgan hits Crimson.

Both men continue to go punch for punch, pushing the ref away and refusing to be broken up. Both men push the ref down to the mat, and the ref immediately calls for the bell.

Double DQ

After the match, Morgan and Crimson look at each other and then continue to fight. Security is out from the back to break both men up. Crimson attacks, taking Morgan down to the mat and both men roll to the outside. They continue to fight until they're broken up by security again. Security backs Crimson up the ramp and keeps Morgan at a distance.


JB is backstage with Bully Ray and Scott Steiner. Bully Ray calls Abyss an idiot and says it's his fault for being beat down by Immortal. He also says if he had a dollar for every time he beat Anderson's a**, he'd be rich. Steiner says he knows all about Abyss, talks about Abyss' girlfriend or something, and parts unknown. He says she's ugly and fat. Ray says tonight they'll be in the ring with half of the greatest tag team of all time, and Scott Steiner.

Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs. Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

Before the match, Mr. Anderson calls down the mic from the ceiling while at the top of the ramp. Anderson asks if his mic is on. He asks how many a holes are in the building tonight. He says he's the grand poobah, and he hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mr. Anderson! Anderson!

Anderson and Ray look to start things off for their respective teams. Ray avoids a lock up at first, but then locks up and backs Anderson into the corner. Ray goes for a cheap shot but Anderson ducks it and connects with an arm drag. We get another lock up and Ray sends Anderson into the corner. Anderson avoids a splash and hits another arm drag. Anderson hits a couple of clotheslines and Ray won't drop so he hits a big enzugiri that sends Ray to the mat. Anderson locks in a side head lock and Ray fights out with a belly to back suplex. Steiner tags in and sends Anderson into the corner, kicking, punching and chopping away at him. Anderson catches a charging Steiner with an elbow, and a shoulder block from the middle rope.

Steiner fights back, and Ray is able to use a distraction to pull Anderson's legs out from under him and pull him crotch first into the ring post. Steiner tags out to Ray who comes in and begins beating down Anderson. Ray goes to work on Anderson's leg with a grape vine, but Anderson won't give. Ray picks him up and connects with a short arm clothesline. Ray goes for another clothesline, but Anderson ducks it and hits a neckbreaker. Anderson makes the tag, but Steiner distracts the ref, so it doesn't count. Ray and Steiner use the distraction to beat on Anderson in the corner. Steiner tags in and puts Anderson on the top turnbuckle. Steiner hits a Samoan drop from the top.

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