'TNA Turning Point' Results: New Champion Crowned! Sound Off On Tonight's PPV

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Steiner taunts Abyss, but it does no good as he's rolled up twice by Anderson. Steiner responds with a big belly to belly suplex that sends Anderson across the ring. Ray tags in and prevents Anderson from tagging Abyss. Anderson gets right back up and gives Ray a DDT. Steiner is angry with the fans for chanting his name. Both men make the tag and Abyss comes in with clotheslines for both Ray and Steiner, then splashes for both before he sends Ray into the same corner as Steiner and splashes both. Abyss sends Ray to the outside and slams Steiner, then splashes him from the middle rope for a near fall.

Abyss hits Steiner with a chokeslam but then he's attacked by Ray. Abyss teases a double chokeslam, but they fight back, and he hits a double clothesline instead. Anderson tags in and Abyss is clotheslined over the top rope by Ray. Anderson comes into the ring and is taken down hard by Steiner. Steiner places Anderson on the top turnbuckle and pounds away. Steiner connects with the frankensteiner, but Anderson isn't legal I guess. Abyss comes in and hits a black hole slam, pinning Steiner and getting the three count.

Winners: Abyss and Mr. Anderson

After the match Ray attacks Abyss and goes to the outside to grab a table. Ray and Steiner continue to assault Abyss while they set up the table. They pick up Abyss and slam him down through the table but Abyss stand straight up. Both Ray and Steiner bail from the ring.


JB is backstage with Madison Rayne, Karen Jarrett, and Gail Kim. Jarrett says tonight Kim will bring the belt home. Karen says Kim is a role model, and represent the company correctly. She says she looks like what a Knockout should. Gail says she's never been more ready for a match in her life. Karen says she doesn't need any help so she'll be on her own, and she wants all the other girls in the back to see how it's done. This leads us right into a video package showing recent events between Velvet Sky and Gail Kim leading into this match.

TNA Knockout Championship Match
- Velvet Sky (c) vs. Gail Kim

The bell rings and Sky is already on top of Kim raining down with punches. The fight spills to the outside and Sky slams Gail's face into the apron. Back in the ring Sky is unstoppable, tearing into Kim and hitting a big cross body before sending her into the corner and mounting her with a series of punches. Kim picks her up and puts her down on the top rope though. Kim takes Sky to the corner and hits her with kicks to the stomach before hitting a weird spear like move where Kim ended up on the apron. Kim hits a snap mare and kicks Sky in the chest. Karen Jarrett is shown walking down the ramp, applauding Kim.

Kim continues to assault Sky with a backbreaker, then an abdominal stretch. Sky breaks the hold and covers Kim for two, then another cover for another two. Kim sends Sky into the corner, misses a splash, and goes for a springboard cross body, but is caught with a kick to the stomach instead. Sky hits a couple of clotheslines, smashes Kim's face into her knee, the face plants Kim into the canvas. Kim backs Sky into the corner and goes for eat defeat, but Sky blocks it and hits a facebuster. Karen interferes and Madison Rayne comes in and puts Velvet down with a knee to the back and neck. Kim goes for the cover but Sky kicks out at two. Kim goes to the top and tries for a senton but misses.

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