posted the following tonight:

On the recent episode of "Ring of Honor Wrestling" where it was officially announced that Eddie Edwards would be challenging for the ROH World Title at "Final Battle 2011" on December 23rd in New York City, the former World Champion alluded to having a new trainer in his camp to help prepare him for the opportunity to regain the championship. Speculation of course began to run rampant as to who Edwards was talking about, but it looks like that guessing game can come to an end as Eddie's tag team partner, and potential opponent for 12/23, Davey Richards tweeted the following earlier today:

"Fresh off a plane from tokyo to find my brother went behind my back. Training with Severn now Ed? Glad to know whom I can trust with my info

Oreilly let me know Eddie, glad to see I can trust him. You made this personal Ed and I'm gonna smash you once as for all. #@ringofhonor"

It appears, based on Richards' tweet, that ROH's only Triple Crown Champion has enlisted the services of legendary grappler & former World Champion Dan "The Beast" Severn to prepare him for the World Title opportunity at "Final Battle 2011". Severn has a storied history as a grappler & mixed martial artist, and may be just the type of trainer Edwards needs should he face off with Davey Richards for the ROH World Title. It is well-known that Richards trains religiously in amateur wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and various striking styles so the experience offered by a former MMA champion such as Severn could prove invaluable.

This story is currently unconfirmed as Eddie Edwards has not yet returned e-mails or phone calls from ROH officials, but this is something we will stay on top of until we get 100% confirmation that this rumor is legitimate.

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