I could be mistaken, but I think WWE Raw has a deal with social media company Twitter based on last week's episode and the few episodes before that. Instead of seeing the "anything can happen" atmosphere that used to be brought every night, the WWE is basically asking me to turn off the show and read comments on Twitter.

The social media obsession is ruining the quality of the show, the replay value and is watering down storylines to try and pander to extra viewers. This tWWEitter nonsense is a joke to the core WWE Raw audience and needs to be toned down a lot.


I can understand if the WWE wants to display the "@TheRock" underneath the wrestler's names so viewers can look it up and expand the WWE Universe, but the Website has become a part of storylines and the function of the show.

Announcers talk about it, wrestlers feud over it and the "WWE Facts of the Week" are all about social media. Social media is for the people to spread word themselves. If your product is good enough, word will get out on its own without forcing it down people's throats.

Zack Ryder should be the only wrestler using the online-based storyline. He is the self-proclaiming "Internet Champion," but instead of pushing that angle, every other wrestler is involved in some type of Twitter-based annoyance.

Trending Topics

WWE seems to be obsessed with getting the newest trending topic. For example, on the November 14 edition of WWE Raw, The Rock can out and proclaimed that "Boots to Asses" was trending.

Yes, it's an unusual trending topic and it could get people's interest, but the whole concept and delivery doesn't make sense. So an average Twitter user goes on there, sees the trending topic and finds out that it's on WWE Raw. They turn on the TV and instead of seeing The Rock in a match, they see him talking about his own trending topic. That just doesn't make any sense and it won't help get new viewers.

Trending topics will develop on their own and when people tune in to see what it's about, it will actually be about the topic and not just talking about Twitter.

Future Twitter Storylines

Unless the WWE realizes their mistakes, future storylines could be easily affected and ruined. Imagine Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes in another feud, this one fueled by Twitter. "You didn't Tweet me back!" "How could you make #CodyStinks a trending topic?!" "After I Tweet more topics we're going to wrestle for your Twitter password!"

Just stick to wrestling and well-written storylines. Not a cheap attempt at getting viewers.

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