Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Mr. Cena comes to the ring, and rips the fans the chant "Cena Sucks." Cena Sr. then said that Cena didn't suck... the fans suck! Cena Sr. is upset at the fans for hassling his son and asks them if they have any idea how hard he works. Cena Sr. pointed out that little children love him, and asks the fans to cheer. When they don't, Cena Sr. called them losers until Cena Jr. cuts him off. Cena says that this awful, and asks his father to leave, which he does.

Cena proceeds to say that it's never bothered him how people felt about him, and that wasn't his life, this is his life (pointing at the ring). Cena calls this one of wrestling's greatest catastrophe's, and tries to leave but Foley stops him. Foley says he has a few more guests to introduce when the Rock's music hits. The Rock then hits the ring and gives Foley a rock bottom, and then leaves. That was funny. End of segment.

It definitely didn't hold a candle to the first "This is your Life" skit in 1999, which you can check out below.

A clip of Sheamus presenting the Best Male award to Justin Bieber at the European Music Awards is shown.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

Sheamus defeated Swagger clean with the Brogue kick in a long, good match.

Ryder is shown backstage talking to the Bellas, who walk away as soon as they see Alberto Del Rio. The Bellas ask Del Rio to hang out with them in NYC after he beats Punk. Ryder asks them to party with him instead and Del Rio takes off, followed by the Bellas.

Kelly Kelly, Eve and Alicia Fox are in the ring.

A behind-the-scenes video is shown of Kelly Kelly's Maxim photo shoot.

Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya

Natalya tried to cinch in the sharpshooter, but Kelly Kelly applied a small package to pin Natalya and get the win.

Laurinaitis is shown talking on the phone to Brodus Clay, and moves his debut to next week, because he feels that he would be overshadowed tonight. Alberto Del Rio approaches. Laurinaitis said he's impartial, but CM Punk would cause a lot more problems as champion. Del Rio said that he doesn't think Punk will make it to Survivor Series, and he'll be champion for a long time, longer than Laurinaitis has been General Manager.

Striker is backstage with Awesome Truth and asks if they feel overshadowed with all of the focus being on Rock and Cena. Truth and Miz don't answer. Striker continues to ask questions, and Miz and Truth stay silent before walking off.

CM Punk is shown walking backstage, and is blindsided by Del Rio, who puts a beatdown on Punk.

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