Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas of Aftermath Radio on and recently interviewed former WWE Superstar and 10 time Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn (@RealBillyGunn). Here are some highlights:

His career and wrestling for independents level (including this weekend where he will appear for "I still enjoy what I do. I love what I do because it's probably the one thing that I am really good at. It's hard to really give up. I still love seeing the people, I still love getting out in front of people, I still love seeing the fans, I still love what this business has to offer."

How far was he willing to go in the "Billy and Chuck" angle: "As far as I needed to, 'cause it was my job. People look at the whole scenario differently than I do. I look at it as it was my job, they came to me and Chuck and said were gonna go this direction. I would have gone as far as needed."

Comparisons of him to Dolph Ziggler, and how he rates Ziggler: "I think he's got great potential, and I think he's one of there best talents WWE has. A little bit longer and he will be a big star, I think he is extremely talented."

Not being a wrestling fan growing up: "I never watched wrestling [as a] kid, [I] never wanted to be a wrestler, never wanted to get in this business. I just fell into this business, and then again the tag team stuff just fell in my lap. It was something that was so exciting to me"

To listen to the full 30+ minute podcast, click here.

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