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Daniel Harmon was at the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on Monday night for the Impact Wrestling tapings for the episode to air on November 17, 2011.

The show started off with Bobby Roode coming to the ring. Roode talks about Fortune and how they were like the crap on the bottom of his shoe that he had to scrape away. James Storm comes out and talks some smack by the entrance. Storm heads towards the ring but security steps in front of him. AJ Styles comes through the crowd and he makes his way to the ring and comes up behind Roode.

When Roode turns around, him and Styles begin to brawl. Security breaks them apart but since they are TNA Security, they are unable to separate Roode and Styles. The situation calms down and Styles grabs a mic and he goes back and forth with Roode.

Sting comes out and announces the main event for the Final Resolution pay per view on December 11th at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The main event will be AJ Styles versus Bobby Roode in a 30 minute Iron Man match.

Roode leaves the ring and he rips the guardrail out of the way and gets in Dixie Carter's face. Styles comes out to protect Dixie. Roode ends up hitting Styles from behind and Styles bumps into Carter and both go down. Roode mounts Styles and starts throwing punches on A.J. Security and the agents come out to separate them and they scold Roode for putting Dixie Carter in harm's way.

Match Number One: Impact Wrestling Television Champion Robbie E (with Robbie T) defeated Devon (with D'Angelo Dinero) with a rollup to retain the Impact Wrestling Television Title. There was some outside interference during this match. During the match, Eric Young came to the ring with a chair and hit Robbie T with it. Terry chases Young away and Devon gets distracted when his sons leap the barricade to check on Dinero.

In a backstage segment James Storm asks Samoa Joe if he was the person who attacked him last week. Joe denies being the one who attacked Storm and then they brawl.

Match Number Two: Jesse Sorensen and Brian Kendrick defeated Kid Kash and Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Austin Aries when Sorensen pinned Kash with an outward rolling cutter. Kash and Aries had issues working together during the match and Aries walked out on Kash.

In a backstage segment, Sting talks with Garett Bischoff about the match that Garett had last week against Gunner. Crimson and Matt Morgan walk into the area and they are talking about their match at Turning Point. Sting mentions the current state of the Tag Team Division in the company without teams like the Motor City Machine Guns and Team 3D. He says that Mexican America has threatened to leave because they don't think there is any competition. Sting suggests that Matt Morgan and Crimson team up and eventually Morgan and Crimson agree to work as a team and a match against Mexican America later in the show for the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles is made official.

Match Number Three: Mickie James won a Ten Knockout Gauntlet to become the Number One Contender for the Knockouts Title.

The gauntlet started with Velvet Sky and Rosita. Velvet pinned Rosita after a sit out double underhook facebuster. Velvet defeated Brooke Tessmacher next. Angelina Love defeated Velvet with a rollup. Mickie James defeated Angelina with a roundhouse kick. Mickie defeated Sarita with the jumping DDT. Mickie defeated Tara with the jumping DDT. Mickie defeated Winter with a roundhouse kick. Mickie defeated ODB with a Thesz Press off the turnbuckles. ODB attacked Mickie after losing and hit a TKO. Mickie defeated Madison Rayne with a victory roll. Madison thought that James was knocked out so she took too long to get to the ring and Mickie had recovered.

Jeff Hardy and Karen Jarrett are in the ring and Karen berates Hardy and questions his manhood. She tries to get Hardy to lose his temper to provoke him into hitting Karen. Karen tries to slap Jeff in the face but Hardy blocks it. Jeff Jarrett comes through the crowd but Hardy sees him making his way to the ring. Karen tries for a low blow but Hardy avoids it.

Sting approaches Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff in the back. Sting discusses rewriting Bischoff's contract but Bischoff says that he never signed it. Sting says that Eric is going to see his son become a bigger star because Garett can wrestle. Garett will face Gunner for later in the show and Sting will be in Garett's corner. Sting leaves and Flair tells Bischoff that Eric has nothing to worry about because they will be in Gunner's corner.

Match Number Four: Matt Morgan and Crimson defeat Mexican America when Morgan got the win with the Carbon Footprint to become the NEW Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

Match Number Five: Garett Bischoff (with Sting) defeated Gunner (with Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff) with a DDT.

James Storm comes out and he wants to know who it was that mysteriously attacked him last week on Impact, leaving him with a concussion. Storm wants A.J. Styles to come out and James mentions that it is a bit convenient that A.J. got two title matches since Storm got the concussion. Styles says that he is offended that Storm would think that he would do it. Storm and Styles fight and that brings out Kazarian who tries to help separate them.

Kazarian gets Styles out of the ring and Styles goes to the back and he is not in a good mood.

Storm leaves the ring and starts to head to the back but Kurt Angle emerges from under the ring and he attacks Storm from behind and they fight on the entrance ramp. Angle then brings Storm into the ring and hits an Angle slam. Angle tells Storm that he was the one who attacked James last week.

For Xplosion:
Christopher Daniels defeated Eric Young with a rollup and his feet on the ropes for extra leverage.

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