As noted last night, we have implementing a new "Ranking" system in our "Comments" section, which awards titles to our top members. Ranks are automatically determined by the system by a set of criteria, which is below (in order from most important to least important):

1) Posting comments
2) Visiting pages on
3) Giving likes to others' comments
4) Receiving likes to comments
5) Posting longer comments (tracked by word count)
6) Receiving replies to comments
7) Being the first to comment
8) Replying to other comments
9) Flagging spam or inappropriate comments

Our top 100 members receive titles, which are below:

* Members ranked in the top 10: World Champion
* Members ranked from 11 - 25: Intercontinental Champion
* Members ranked from 26-50: Top Contender
* Members ranked from 51-100: Up and Comers

Starting in January, we will have contests every month for title holders, who will have the opportunity to win DVDs, video games, books and much more. We feel that this is a fun way to reward all of you for being part of the Wrestling Inc. Community. Please sound off with any feedback, criticisms or suggestions below.

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