John Cena Talks 'Ryder Revolution' & The Rock

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John Cena: Well I think if we're both professionals and Ill say this with the utmost of integrity, Rock is a future Hall of Famer. He's had an illustrious career in the WWE. He's now a bona-fide box office superstar. If anybody is at fault for waving the personal trigger its me, just because I get a little testy about some of the stuff that he's been quoted as saying in the past, some of the stuff he's quoted as saying on our broadcast. I get testy about that, because I work for the WWE full time. I work for the WWE all the time. I will work for the WWE when I cant physically perform for the WWE. As long as there is a brand to work for, I want to be involved in it. I love the company, I love the people who run it, I love its administration, I love success stories like Zack Ryder. I love being there to see that and develop before my eyes. Whether I'm a part of it, whether I'm helping it or whether I'm just a third wheel watching someone succeed. And everybody knows that I have a little bit of a discrepancy with the way Dwayne handles himself. And every once and a while when things get too tense I bring something up that I probably shouldn't. But, you know, sometimes your personality gets the best of you and if they're going to remember this feud for eternity- which I really think they are, like you said it's the match that everyone has to see- at least at the end of the day I'll have got my point across. Yea, so I've already apologized to Dwayne, not only on twitter but in person about some of the stuff I said. It was unprofessional but in the heat of the moment sometimes you let your heart pour out rather than thinking with your head. And I have a feeling it's probably not the last you've heard of me saying all that stuff.

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