Source: JR's BBQ

Jim Ross' latest blog is up, here are some highlights:

Where JR will be this weekend: "Busy weekend for yours truly that includes a trip to Waco, Texas to sideline it with the Oklahoma Sooners vs the Baylor Bears in a key, Big 12 game for OU. Kickoff is Saturday night at 7 central time on ABC. Look for the black hat wandering OU's bench area.

"I'll be back Sunday in Oklahoma in time to catch some NFL action and then watch WWE Survivor Series on PPV from our home... For the record and because some asked, No...I don't get the PPV's for free and pay retail just like any other fan."

The Rock's return this Sunday: "The return Sunday on PPV of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has many in the sports entertainment world buzzing. @TheRock will jump start PPV buys for this Survivor Series in my opinion as the build to WM28 in Miami seems to be physically launching if you smell what I'm grilling.

"Will Rock have noticeable ring rust this Sunday after coming off a 7+ year absence away from the ring? Possibly to some degree but Rock is such an excellent, natural athlete who stays in top condition that most won't detect significant ring rust.

"I expect some Rock/Cena fireworks at some point Sunday night but have no idea when, where or how that might occur. I also expect Rock/Cena to win vs the Awesome Truth."

WrestleMania ticket sales: "Rock vs. @JohnCena on April 1. 2012 has WM28 being a hot ticket with over 43,500 tickets already sold and with some projecting that this mega event could gross around $9M in ticket sales when all is said and done in South Florida."

Del Rio vs. CM Punk: "Potential show stealer Sunday in my view is CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title. Two, prideful men who have the opportunity that they will most certainly embrace and take deadly serious in a professional manner. I'm predicting a @CMPunk WWE title win Sunday BTW. Every wrestler with pride in what they do should want to create their own 'MSG Moment' as those live in one's heart for a lifetime."

If Kane will return with his mask: "No idea here but I have always felt that the Kane TV persona was more memorable as a masked man. We still have Kane's last mask in storage that he wore back in the day that was on display at our now closed restaurant."

The new Steve Austin DVD: "The Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD will be available to the masses on November 29. Got my advance copy and this one is another hit for WWE. The highlight of this must see DVD for me personally was doing alternate commentary with Steve on Wrestlemania bouts against HBK, Bret Hart and the Rock. We had a blast on those three, epic bouts and it's an exclusive feature that you're sure to enjoy. "

Much more is contained in JR's latest blog, you can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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