-- Former WWE Diva Ashley Valence, who briefly announced last year, was recently featured in US Magazine due to her relationship with reality TV star Jake Pavelkas. Ashley also appears on the CMT reality show Sweet Home Alabama.

-- John Cena continues to put over Zack Ryder this weekend on Twitter. Here is one of his comments: "Follow @ZackRyder No disrespect to Morrison but @ZackRyder deserves that match at MSG."

-- John Morrison replied and said he agreed, proposing a Triple Threat between he, Ryder and Dolph Ziggler. Right after that, Morrison made the following comments:

"You should know better than anyone, sometimes deserve's got nothing to do with it."

"No disrespect Cena, but if you really think Zack deserves a match at MSG all you need to do is text your buddy @WWERAWGM and he will get one"

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