WWE Survivor Series Results: Rock Returns, New Champ... Sound Off With Your Feedback

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Ziggler's music is interrupted by Zack Ryder. Ryder gets ambushed right after getting into the ring, but Ryder fights back and connects with the Rough Ryder to send Ziggler out of the ring. Ziggler leads the crowd in a chant of 'woo woo woo', and he's got these fans more amped up than the whole first match (and that match was really good, too)

WWE Divas Championship
Lumberjill Match
- Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Eve

The divas who are acting as Lumberjill's make their way to the ring first, as a group. Eve is the first competitor to make her way out to the ring, to a bit of a reaction from the crowd. I haven't said it yet, but I have to say MSG looks a lot different, and I kind of miss the old set up. It looks like any other arena now.

Beth Phoenix is out next with Natalya in tow, she gets a bit of a reaction too.

The bell rings and we're ready to begin. Both women lock up and Beth pushes Eve away. Eve responds with a big forearm and she tries for a cross body but Beth catches her and just drops her to the mat. Eve kicks away at Beth before shaking her butt in Beth's face. Beth bails to the floor but she's sent right back in. Eve hits a neckbreaker and a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Eve goes to the apron and she's distracted by the heel diva's, this allows Beth to get the upper hand, and she slingshots Eve while her head is underneath the bottom rope. Beth locks in a rear chin lock, mounting Eve, to wear her down. Eve fights out of the hold, and is able to send Beth into the corner before hitting a flurry of elbows and kicks, finished off by a clothesline.

Eve goes for a senton but Beth gets her knees up and Eve crashed into them. Beth tries for the glam slam but Eve fights it off, locking in what looks to be an octopus hold. Beth is able to break the hold. Both women go for roll ups but can't get the win. Eve hits a big kick to the side of Beth's face. Eve goes up to the top, but Beth pushes her down on the top rope. Beth goes up to the top, but Eve fights back. Eve continues to try and fight back, but Beth grabs her arm, and delivers a glam slam from the top rope! Beth gets the three count to retain.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix


CM Punk is shown warming up backstage. David Otunga comes in with a message from John Laurinaitis. Otunga says at Harvard, where he's from, he would call what happened to Cole last week an assault. Punk doesn't seem to care. Otunga says Johnny Ace would like Punk to apologize to Cole. Punk says he'll think about it, after he beats Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship tonight.


The Rock is shown backstage with a mic in his hand. He says Madison Square Garden, he wants to tell a story. He talks about watching his grandfather take on Superstar Billy Graham for the WWE Title. He talks about being a kid in the dressing room hanging out with Andre the Giant, watching his dad defend his tag team title. He talks about 1996 when he made his debut in this arena at Survivor Series. He says despite having a hideous outfit and the worst haircut known to man, this was the first arena to chant his name. The fans oblige by chanting his name now. Rock says that night started an Odyssey that would go down in WWE history. Rock runs down some of his most famous catchphrases in front of the crowd. Rock runs down some of the titles he's won, but he says on that night he became the People's Champion. He says after 7 long years he's finally come back because finally, FINALLY, the Rock has come back to New York City!

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