WWE Survivor Series Results: Rock Returns, New Champ... Sound Off With Your Feedback

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Hunico sends Kofi into the corner hard, and this allows him to tag out to Barrett. Barrett comes in with a big punch to Kingston that puts him down for a two count. Barrett locks in a rear chin lock. Kofi fights to his feet just to be put back down for a near fall. Barrett locks in another rear chin lock. Kofi fights up to his feet and out of the hold. Both men go for and connect with clotheslines.

Hunico and Ryan tag in. Ryan hits a couple of clotheslines. Ryan catches Hunico 's cross body, and hits a couple of backbreakers and a huge fall away slam. Ryan gorilla presses Hunico. Hunico is able to get a blind tag to Rhodes who comes in and hits the beautiful disaster kick, and cross Rhodes for the three.

Mason Ryan is eliminated

Sheamus comes in and locks up with Rhodes, taking him into the corner where the ref breaks it up. Sheamus unloads on Cody in the corner, wearing him down for a near fall. Rhodes catches Sheamus with a kick to the chest, but Sheamus comes back with a big back elbow. Sheamus ties Rhodes up in the ropes and hits him with several clubbing blows across the chest before bringing him back into the ring and hitting a huge suplex for a two count.

Barrett attacks Sheamus on the outside, sending him back first into the apron hard. Barrett sends Sheamus back into the ring and goes for a quick pin but only gets two. Barrett beats on Sheamus with repeated rights before tagging in Hunico who comes in with a big dropkick to Sheamus' leg. Sheamus fights back, punching and slapping at Hunico. Hunico tries to lock in a front face lock, but Sheamus tosses him off easily.

Kofi and Barrett tag in and Kofi hits Barrett with big punches and kicks before hitting a big dropkick. Kingston connects with the boom drop. He's distracted by Rhodes, and this allows Barrett to attack. Barrett sends Kofi into the corner, but Kofi hits him with a a couple of boots. Kingston hits Swagger with a couple of boots but he's ambushed by Barrett. Barrett connects with wasteland, and Kingston is pinned.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated

Orton attacks Wade immediately but Wade is able to send him to the outside. Hunico tags in and hits a suicide dive on Orton. Hunico sends Orton into the ring and gets a two count before tagging out to Swagger. Swagger comes in and beats on Orton with punches and kicks for a bit. Orton tries to make the tag, but Swagger pushes him to his own corner and tags out to Rhodes. Rhodes hits a snap mare a peppers Orton with right hands.

Rhodes hits Orton with a big front suplex. but when he goes for the pin he still can't get three. Rhodes locks in a rear chin lock to try and wear down Orton. Orton is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold. Rhodes sends Orton into the corner and tries for a bulldog, but Orton tosses Rhodes away. Orton is able to tag out to Sheamus and Swagger makes the tag. Sheamus beats on Swagger in the corner with huge clubbing blows before hitting a big clothesline. Sheamus goes up to the top and hits a flying forearm. Hunico comes in but he's sent right back out by Sheamus. Sheamus hits the Irish curse backbreaker on Swagger before kicking Rhodes from the ring. Sheamus goes for the Celtic cross but it's broken up by Barrett, who's also sent from the ring.

Sheamus buries knees in Swagger's chest, and he doesn't heed the ref who asks him to break by five. Sheamus is DQ'd.

Sheamus is eliminated

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