WWE Survivor Series Results: Rock Returns, New Champ... Sound Off With Your Feedback

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Del Rio picks up Punk and seats him on the top rope. Del Rio goes up after Punk, but Punk fights back and pushes Del Rio off of the top and down to the mat. Punk stands on the top turnbuckle, but Del Rio is up and he crotches Punk on the top. Del Rio kicks at Punk's arm, continuing to wear it down. Del Rio charges Punk in the corner, but Punk pulls himself out of the way and Del Rio charges shoulder first into the ring post.

Punk climbs back up to the top turnbuckle and comes down hard on Del Rio with a Macho Man style elbow. We get another 'Randy Savage' chant from the crown. Punk Shoulder Del Rio again but Del Rio fights out. Del Rio tries for the arm breaker, but Punk avoids it. Del Rio tries for the arm breaker again and connects with it this time. Punk struggles for the ropes, but Del Rio continues to wrench back. Punk reaches the ropes and forces a break of the hold.

Del Rio charges Punk. Punk almost connects with the G2S, but Del Rio fights out and pushes Punk away. Punk kicks Ricardo hard. More jockeying for position, and Punk is finally able to lock in the anaconda vice. Del Rio scratches and claws at Punk's face, but he eventually succumbs, and submits to the hold.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: CM Punk

The Fink is back out to announce Punk as the new Champ while Punk takes a dive into the crowd to celebrate.

Punk takes his WWE Title into the crowd to celebrate as Cult of Personality plays. Punk runs to the other side of the ring and leaps into the crowd as they celebrate with him. Punk takes his celebration back to the ring for a minute before heading to the back.

- FINALLY, the Rock returns to in ring action in the WWE! Right after this video package highlighting not only Rocky's career, but also how he came to be in this match tonight with Cena.

The Rock & John Cena vs. The Miz & R-Truth

Miz and Truth are, obviously, the first men to make their way out to the ring. Miz is nice enough to dedicate their entrance song to the NYC crowd, letting them know that the suck.

Cena is out next and he gets a hostile welcome to MSG. Cena stops to talk to the camera, saying the fans love him here in New York City.

And last, but most certainly not least, the man a lot of people bought this PPV just to see, The Rock! Rocky makes his way out to the ring looking absolutely JACKED, and he gets the pop of the night by far.

It looks like Rock and Miz are going to start things out for their respective teams. We get a long stare down before the Rock looks out to the crowd. Both men begin circling each other before locking up. The Rock locks in a side head lock, but Miz pushes him off, only to eat a big shoulder block. Rock hits Miz with an arm drag, then one for Truth, another for Miz. Rock tosses Truth from the ring and ties up Miz with a magistral cradle. It only gets two, but Miz bails to the outside and Awesome Truth look angry.

The fans are kind enough to let the Rock know he's still got it. Truth says he wants in, Rock says if he wants some, to come get some. Truth and Rock circle each other before lock up. Rock locks in another side head lock. Rock turns around into a hammerlock, but Truth reverses. Rock fights off the hold. Truth ducks a clothesline, Rock ducks a kick. Rock hits Truth with a right hand to the mouth. Rock connects with a fisherman's suplex on Truth, but Cena is arguing with Miz and the ref, and the pin isn't counted. Rock doesn't look too happy when he gets up, jawing with Cena (who still have that stupid smile on his face since Monday) for a bit.

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