Reader Ryan Ennis sent this report in:

Tons of Zack Ryder chants throughout the night before the show even began.

Santino beat Jinder Mahal with a cobra in the dark match.

Huge fan support for Ryder, Ziggler and Cody Rhodes. Major heat on John Morrison and oddly Mason Ryan.

Zack Ryder head bands everywhere.

Sin Cara and Kofi's explosions are loud as hell. Nothing special happened off camera from what I can tell so far.

Arena is very full, nothing taped off and no big empty sessions.

Randy Orton has gotten second largest pop of the night so far, way behind Zack Ryder's.

Huge "you f--ked up" chant in middle of 5 way classic. Cara looks hurt for real. Tons of "Batista" chants.

Henry laid around ring for a while selling leg injury.

Huge Macho Man chant after Big Show dropped the top rope elbow.

Very pro CM Punk crowd.

Just met Zack Ryder's dad in the rest room, he is a real nice guy. Punk is so over in NYC. Crowd hates Cena.

Reader Jared Wright sent this one in:

Hey Ryan my name is Jared Wright I'm at Survivor Series right now ..Team Orton vs Team Barrett is on now. Looks like Sin Cara botched (shocker). Could be serious but MSG shows no love with "you f--ked up" chants. Also don't know if it was the crowd being loud or not but I heard NOTHING Laurinaitis said in that opening segment. Also Cody Rhodes is getting a lot of love...a lot of "Cody" chants don't know how its coming off on TV. Anything specific else you want to know let me know. Dark match Santino def. Jinder Mahal

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