Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- The Rock tweeted over the weekend that he has completed filming of the GI Joe sequel. Rock also told a fan that he has some incredible WWE memories but his greatest moment in wrestling has yet to come.

-- As everyone knows by now, CM Punk won the WWE title after defeating Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series. This is Punk's second official reign as WWE Champion. After Punk won last night, WWE declared on their website that "the entertainment era" has begun.

-- The following WWE terms were trending last night: The People's Elbow, Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Randy Orton, Mason Ryan, The Miz, The Rock, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, HBK, Macho Man, Sexual Chocolate, Big Show vs. Mark Henry, Hunico, RKO, Team Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Glam Slam, Beth Phoenix, Anaconda Vice, MSG Chants, The Fink, Dolph Ziggler, JoMo and WeWantRyder.

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