The Rock recently spoke to WWE Magazine and addressed his critics within WWE, or rather, two particular "insecure and jealous" Superstars. They ask the multi-time champion, "Some guys in the locker room aren't too happy with your return. Do you feel you need to earn their respect, or do you feel they need to earn your respect?"

The Great One responds, "Of course, a few guys have been very vocal about their unhappiness with me coming back. It doesn't bother me at all. It just proves that they lack perspective.

"Returning to WWE is an incredible opportunity for me. But much bigger than me, it's an incredible opportunity for the business and, at the end of the day, all we want to do is elevate WWE to new heights never seen before and make the fans happy. For example, when Hulk Hogan returned to WWE, I loved it, because I knew it was going to be incredible for the business. We made history together and made millions and millions of fans happy.

"Always remember that the ones who were vocal and disapproving about me coming back—and we all know who the two are—are the ones who are most insecure and jealous. Maybe one day they'll smarten up and understand the greater perspective."

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