-- Thanks to reader Jeffery for sending along the following: Hey, again I'm attending RAW this evening in HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA and since I'm in the local area, the local radio station aired another commercial but instead of the original "Special Appearance by Mick Foley" which was stated on the commercial last week, it has now changed to "Kevin Nash". Additionally on the Giant Center website, Kevin Nash is on the list of Superstars scheduled to appear on RAW tonight. Just thought I would update you guys as the show gets closer. Thanks!

-- Reader Frank Dukes passed along the following: Dr. Pete and Steve sat down with WWE LEGEND (Killer) Randy Orton to discuss the release of THQ's WWE '12 (you can see fans tying their shoes!), being "over the bitterness" of the Rock being back while being excited to see Rock/Cena at WM 28, and much more. Check out the interview at SportsTownChicago.com.

-- The family of Andre The Giant spoke to TMZ about the recent skit on Saturday Night Live where actor Jason Segel impersonated the late wrestler. The family loved the skit and said, "Jason Segel nails this impression and demonstrates with good humor that Andre's legacy continues to be relevant and has a big impact on the entertainment industry."

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