WWE RAW Results - Miz & Truth Break Up, Cena Responds To Rock... Sound Off!

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Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston

Barrett got Kingston up for Wasteland when Randy Orton's music hit. Orton came down to ringside and distracted Barrett, and then took a seat. Barrett spent the majority of the rest of the match putting a beatdown on Kingston. Kingston managed to get some offense in before Barrett got him up in the Wasteland. Barrett looked directly at Orton and delivered the move to get the three count. After the match, Barrett took the mic and reminded Orton that he won the match. Orton twitched and faked getting in the ring, and Barrett flinched. Orton then went to the back.

A still of Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on John Cena is shown for the 38th time. Cena is shown backstage heading to the ring.

A promo for Smackdown aired focusing on the Big Show - Mark Henry feud.

John Cena's music hit and he went to the ring. Cena is roundly booed as he starts to speak. Cena says that finally everyone knows who Zack Ryder is and CM Punk is the new WWE Champion. Cena noted that he and Rock beat Awesome Truth. Cena talks about how Rock invited him in the ring after they won and he was headed to the back. Cena says that Rock proved that he never lost it by Rock Bottoming him, so WrestleMania is what it needs to be.... Awesome Truth's music hits.

Miz and Truth head to the ring and talk about how badly Rock showed him up last night. Miz noted that the crowd was chanting "Don't tag Cena" last night, and that no one wanted to see him last night. Truth said that Rock is going to beat Cena's fruity booty all over Miami and says that Cenation is about to turn into "See you later nation." This upset Cena, who said that they better shut up or he'll beat them both up. Cena said two things happened last night, one was that the Rock still has it and two, nobody cares about Miz and Truth. Cena then rips into them, saying that neither Truth or Miz respect the other, and says that they shouldn't boo him, they should boo themselves.

Cena takes off, and Truth and Miz start arguing in the ring. Miz then shoved Truth, and Truth clocked him in the mouth. Miz retreated and asked Truth to calm down. Miz started saying that Cena was playin them and they need to get John Cena. Truth agreed, and they started to head to the back. When they reached the top of the ramp, Miz grabbed Truth and nailed the SCF on the stage. Miz then walked to the back while Truth was left laying. Officials checked on Truth as the show went off the air.

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