-- There is another "Dinners with the Legends" event scheduled for December 9th in St. Louis, MO featuring The Honky Tonk Man and Lanny Poffo. Tickets are $35, and includes meal and drink, getting your pictures taken with both guests and more. You will be sitting at the same table as The Honky Tonk Man and Poffo. You can get more information about the event at stlouiswrestling.webs.com or by calling (314) 669-4RAP.

-- Philadelphia, Boston and Manhattan are in for a rare treat the first weekend of December as 12 stars of Joshi team-up with the CHIKARA gang to deliver JoshiMania! The final participant to join this event is former TNA and ARISON star Ayako Hamada. Hamada will join such legendary figures as Manami Toyota, Aja Kong and Mayumi Ozaki. You can get more information about JoshiMania by clicking here.

-- As noted yesterday, Aaron A Weiss Communications has entered a partnership with YouTube to release videos through their channel. They have secured the exclusive rights to many different organizations, including Maple Leaf Wrestling (pre-WWE), Grand Prix Wrestling, Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, Big Time Wrestling (Canada), Pro Wrestling Canada, International Wrestling and Major League Wrestling. You can check out this classic match featuring Big John Studd vs Barry Windham, aka BlackJack Mulligan Jr. from Maple Leaf Wrestling:

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