Triple H Talks Relationship With The Rock, Vince's Twitter Obsession, Hunting With HBK & More

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Source: Greg and the Morning Buzz

"The catch 22 of it is - I think as you're seeing with everything else - is controlling it a little bit. It's like the NFL. Not a week goes by that you don't see somebody in the NFL say something stupid. We have meetings with talent all the time. I just said this to guys the other day. I was like, 'Guys, it's not like you're just texting somebody. You're putting it out to the world. If you wouldn't say it on TV, don't say it on Twitter.'"

His relationship with the Rock: "The Rock and I have a unique relationship. It's unique to anybody else in the company. He and I were kind of like coming up at the same exact time and we were always the yin and yang to each other. They brought him in as the squeaky clean baby face and I was the bad guy. Then it switched. I was in DX and he was in the Nation. He was the bad guy and I was the good guy. Then we wrestled over the Intercontinental Title and then the roles reversed again and I became like the biggest heel in the business and he became the biggest baby face in the business, then we wrestled over the World Title.

"It was Rock and I that Vince came to and said, 'Hey look, I'd like you guys to sign with William Morris and think about going and making some movies in Hollywood.' He brought us both in at the same time. He said, 'You guys are two guys that can do it. I'd like you to move forward.' Rock was like, 'Awesome,' and I shook my head and was like, 'You don't want me to wrestle anymore? I don't get it.'

"We get along fine and we're friendly with each other and we're buds in that sense. I've never been out to dinner with him. We don't hang out but there's always been that professionalů Like, we had such a professional rivalry with each other but we also knew in the ring we were magic with each other so it worked. Yet, there was always that - no matter what he did I was like, 'Screw him. I'm going to do something better than that.' That's the one thing I can say. We've never had a cross word with each other. We've never had a strain in any relationship form with each other or anything like that. But we're not best buds and there's always that little bit of professional tension between us. I think it's a good thing. Even now, he comes back now and he's a big Hollywood star but I'm also an executive in the company. There's still that little bit of a weirdness there."

If his daughters attend the shows and if he would want them to enter the business: "Yeah, they've been to shows. As soon as they're in the building all they do is ask me to take them to the ring. I get in the ring with them and then chase them around. They just know it as getting chased by daddy and rolling around in the ring, and they love it. One of the coolest things for me in my life is that I had parents that when I said, 'Hey, I want to be a professional wrestler,' they said, 'Alright. Give it a shot but have a backup plan.' They supported me and they encouraged that.

"I would encourage my kids - as long as it wasn't harmful to them or something that was illegal or whatever - I would encourage them in whatever it is they wanted to do whether that was a job that could make them rich or whether it was just something that they would find fulfilling. I had that support and for me, that support means everything in the world. I could never repay them for that other than to repay it to my kids."

Appearing on Shawn Michaels' hunting show: "Yeah, I never hunted anything in my life. Shawn has gone from being the heartbreak kid to like Ted Nugent. He's out there with high-powered weapons shooting every kind of furry little thing that scatters. Shawn's a very responsible hunter. I don't want to get PETA mad at anybody. He eats it and does all the stuff right and whatever. He has this show and he's been dying for me to go on there and hunt something with him. I'd been resistant to doing it and he knows I'm not into it. I just don't understand the sitting in a tree for hours saying nothing, putting some grain on the ground and waiting for a deer to come by so I can tap it in the head.

So he called me one day and he said, 'Hey, how about alligator?' I was like alright, there's a challenge to that. One, you got to sneak up on them in a boat, the boat is not stable. If you fall out of the boat they're going to eat you. Okay, they can get back at you. So we went and, yeah, it was great. We used crossbows and I got the biggest alligator of the trip. I got a big, giant gator and it was an awesome experience. I had a lot of fun."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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