Re-Post: Must-Read CM Punk Interview - Rock/Vince Issues, More

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Source: The Hot Clicks Podcast

The Rock returning to WWE: "I think it's great. Bottom line is it's a business. If Rock is going to put asses in seats then yay for us. There are a lot of misconceptions about how I feel about it. Obviously people love asking me because they know they're going to get the 100% truth. He comes back and he says that he's never going to leave again and then he doesn't come back for months. Yes, he's doing Survivor Series and, yes, it sold out in a half hour. Let's be honest. It's the Garden and it's the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series. The show was going to sell out but I get the bragging. 'Oh, it sold out in a half hour.'

"I sold out the Garden me and JBL in a cage match so I have that distinction. I can say that I sold out Madison Square Garden, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. The problem I have with Dwayne is that he came back, he said he's never leaving again and I don't appreciate all this, 'Oh, the WrestleMania buy rate was up. Oh, it's because of Dwayne.' Was it? Or was it because of me and Randy Orton or was it because of Miz and John Cena? That's unfortunately something that you can't really ever figure out. A lot of people like to live and die by the ratings.

"It's a big news story that he came back, absolutely. I think he even tweeted me one time saying something like, 'The Rock in the main event makes more money than CM Punk could in a lifetime,' which is obviously a fallacy. That ultimately is where I have the problem with Dwayne. He lives in a fantasy world. No matter if I like or hate whoever I'm working with, I say, 'hello,' to them. I fraternize with them. It's a brotherhood backstage. I'm with these people more than I'm with my little sisters and my family. I just don't appreciate going from limo to dressing room, from dressing room to the ring and not saying 'hi' to any of the boys.

"That's what he does. I was just at a Guns N' Roses show backstage in Chicago and that's exactly what Axl Rose does and Axl's a lot cooler than Dwayne. Part of me gets it but for anybody who wants to say I have a bad attitude or a chip on my shoulder about it absolutely. I think anybody should. There are guys in that locker room that bust their ass and there are guys that should be in the main event at WrestleMania. Eventually it will happen for everybody as long as you're passionate about it. I'm passionate about. Yeah, it pisses me off." is the largest independently owned wrestling website in the world (Source: Alexa). Follow us on Twitter (@WrestlingInc) at

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