Partial Source: Pwinsider

WWE has had a personal injury lawsuit filed against them by a man named Shane Hawley who worked the 2/14/09 WWE taping at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. He was an "employee of the city of Seattle." In addition to WWE, the lawsuit is also against NEP Broadcasting, Screenworks LLC, Event Services Inc. (ESI), Supershooters LP and another defendant, Neil Broome.

Hawley claims that negligence by Broome caused a metal object to fall 40-50 feet and hit Hawley, injuring him. He is claiming that he suffered personal injuries, physical and mental pain for suffering, costs of medical care, loss of income, loss of earning capacity and other damages.

Broome was not a WWE employee but was working for one of the other defendants which WWE subcontracted for the event.

Hawley's lawsuit claims:

*The defendants failed to provide a "safe place to work and/or ensure that the Key Arena was reasonably safe for workers."

*The defendants failed to "reasonably train and supervise their employees and/or agents regarding workplace safety."

*Defendants WWE and ESI "failed to ensure that the businesses they contracted to help" prepare the Arena were "reasonably trained and supervised."

*The Defendants failed to comply with safety regulations, rules and standards designed to protect workers at job sites.

*Defendants WWE and ESI "failed to ensure that their subcontractors working on the jobsite" were in compliance with industry safety regulations, rules and standards.

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