-- The Province has an article asking if The Rock is too Hollywood for the WWE. The article is based on CM Punk's recent comments to The New York Daily News, where Punk said that Rock "goes right from his limo to the dressing room to the dressing room to the ring," and called him "very bourgeois Hollywood." You can check it out at this link.

-- The Times and Democrat has an article about this Monday's RAW at Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC. You can check it out at this link.

-- ComputerAndVideoGames.com has an interview with WWE '12 creative director Cory Ledesma, who talked about dropping SmackDown vs. RAW in favor of WWE '12. "SmackDown vs Raw... what does that even mean?," asked Ledesma. "The reason that name came about was the game used to be called SmackDown, and then there was another game that used to be called Raw, and we decided to make one game only and so we decided to call it SmackDown vs Raw. That's the only reason that name used to exist; there's no other purpose behind it and it's not like the WWE has any brand wars going on." You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

-- GodIsAGeek.com has their WWE '12 review up here. They gave the game a 7/10.

-- NowGamer.com has a fairly negative review of the game at this link. The review says the game is not terrible, but is "a flatly mediocre representation of the 'sport'."

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