Miz Talks About If WWE Is 'Watered Down,' If CM Punk's Promos Are Staged & More

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If he's ever considered working for TNA: "No, I've always loved WWE from Hulk Hogan to Ultimate Warrior to The Rock to Demolition to Legion of Doom. I was always a WWE fan, even when WCW and ECW… I was not a WCW fan. I liked ECW better than WCW. WWE was always my number one. I don't know why. I just always felt like it was a huge production, there was larger than life characters, I loved the story lines, I fell in love with the characters and I've always wanted to be a WWE Superstar."

If WWE is watered down in the PG era: I don't think it's watered down... It's certainly PG. I don't think the story lines are hurt by it because we have to basically go within the extent of what we have and I think we're getting great TV. Even though it is PG I actually like it better because I don't have to bleed and I don't have to take chair shots to the head. These are just precautions that we take now. I mean if you look at football they're no longer to do helmet to helmet contact, they're watching out more, there's a lot more rules. With rules it's like, okay, now we have restrictions. How can we still make this amazing brand? I think we are absolutely doing it.
Right now we have the biggest WrestleMania sale that we've ever had in the entire WrestleMania. Rock versus Cena, with just one match announced, is the biggest WrestleMania ever. It's not even done yet. We're not even done selling but it was the fastest ever."

Favorite arena to perform in: "Madison Square Garden or Chicago or Quicken Loans Center because it's my hometown. The loudest are always Madison Square Garden and Chicago. In Cleveland it usually goes this like, 'And from Cleveland, Ohio…' 'Yay!' 'The Miz.' 'Boo!' Thanks a lot guys. I'm the one who brought the championship to Cleveland, not Lebron James or Peyton Hillis."

How much sleep he gets a night: "On average, I'll sleep when I'm dead. I'm that kind of person. For instance, right now I'm here doing this with you. After this I go to MMS to do a radio interview. After that I go do my radio show on Sirius XM and then after that I go do this autograph signing at the Sip-N-Post restaurant for my uncle. After that Mizfest begins, which is something I created. I take out all my best friends from high school all over Cleveland. We rent a bus. There's like 70 of us and it's one of those times where all of my friends get together that I don't get to see ever. It's a 10 year anniversary so Cleveland will never be the same again... I'm on maybe three hours if I get any sleep. I don't need to sleep. It's one of those things - when you're a superstar, you want to be the best and biggest of whatever you can do and that's what I'm trying to be. I'll sleep when I am the biggest superstar in the world."

Favorite food to eat on the road: "Anything besides McDonalds. The reason being is that McDonalds is the only thing open whenever we're done with our shows so it's the only thing we can eat. I have to go there and go, 'This quarter pounder is not going to sit well with my six pack.'"

Favorite match he's wrestled: "It would have to be either main event at WrestleMania 27, retaining my WWE Championship twice, which has never been done in the history of the WWE."

Favorite match he's watched and wasn't in: "Hell in a Cell: Mankind versus Undertaker just because some of the things Mankind went through in that match were just unbelievable and I can't believe he's still alive to this day."

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